Josh Marinaro

Digital Media Executive

Hello, I’m Josh, currently the newest member of Bluesoup’s team! I am a Digital Media Executive, so I’ll often be researching, analysing and optimising all things digital for our clients. Having spent the past 3 years at University in Bristol, I was fortunate enough to land a job I was passionate about back home in sunny, old Devon!


Outside of work, I’ll probably either be attempting to play football, pretending to be a foodie, daydreaming about the day I met Phil Mitchell or taking pictures with small rodents (see photos).


So, if any of that intrigues you, I’m sure we’ll be great friends!

Dashing Josh
Josh graduation
Josh in a hawaiian shirt
Josh & Phil Mitchell
Josh & his missus
 Josh with a squirrel
Josh holding a baby
Josh Stretching
Josh baking cakes
Josh @ a Festival
Small Josh
Josh @ a football match
Dashing Josh