Concept 2

Their Brief

Concept2 sell the world’s leading indoor rowing machines to gyms and to the public.  Home sales had fallen by 50% in just 6 months. The challenge was a simple one…halt and then reverse this trend.

Our Insight

Research revealed that:

  • The target audience were well aware of the product having tried it in gyms. 
  • They were cash rich…but time poor… with busy, high pressure jobs.
  • Previous advertising ran at weekends – when they had time to exercise anyway.
  • Ads featured a superfit, lycra-clad man and technical, sports physiology focused copy.
  • The perception was that the machine was expensive.

 Our Solution

Based on the insights, we:

  • Put a normal “bloke” on the rower, in shorts and t-shirt. No lycra to be seen.
  • Changed the copy to incorporate a more friendly, approachable and engaging tone of voice.
  • Featured rental costs which made the product more affordable.
  • Advertised Monday-Friday to coincide with and capitalize on the days where our target audience struggled to find time to exercise.

The Results

Within 3 months, home sales and rentals were restored.We subsequently identified and quantified a direct relationship between ad spend and sales volumes.

C2 ads v2

Concept 2 Meet Simon Press Ad

C2 ads v3

Concept 2 Meet Richard Press advert

C2 ads

Concept 2 Meet Chris Press advert