Farm & Cottage

Their Brief

The client was seeing diminishing returns from a strategy focused solely on classified press and paid search.  The challenge was to identify & secure new customers through revised creative and media strategies.

Our Solution

A new creative style was developed which gave Farm & Cottage a fresh and unique look vs their competitors.  Further analysis of the customer base revealed a key region of the UK for an affordable and discrete TV test. An engaging animated commercial ran during the post Christmas period – delivering cheap, high quality airtime given the unique nature of TV at this time of year.

The results

The test region saw a 71% year-on-year bookings uplift whilst other activity & collateral adopted the new creative look, increasing cut through and brand recognition.

F&C press ad 1

Farm & Cottage Press Advert - Open Late

F&C tickets
F&C press ad v2

Farm & Cottage Press advert - more family cottages

F&C 3x2 press ad

Farm & Cottage

Farm & Cottage Holidays needed to attract new customers to their brand.  Learn how we used TV to increase sales by over 70%.


Farm & Cottage TV Advert

F&C press ad v3
F&C app 2

Farm & Cottage mobile app

F&C half page ad
F&C half page ad v2
F&C 20x2 press ad
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