Sharps Brewery

Their Brief

Doom Bar was already a well established real ale brand,  marketed mainly via PR and trade promotions. Now they wanted to advertise the brand, albeit with a budget dwarfed by what competitors were able to spend.

Our Solution

Instead of following other brands across a wide range of media [but with a comparatively tiny budget] we identified specific sports events of particular interest to Doom Bar drinkers – such as Six Nations rugby and the Boat Race – created some witty ads - and bought premium newspaper spaces alongside the editorial on those events, often on the front page. This strategy allowed us to stretch the budget and to run larger “big brand” ads than would otherwise have been possible.

The results

Doom Bar went on to become the fastest growing real ale in the south east. [We’d love to claim all the credit, but honesty compels us to share the plaudits with our client’s successful distribution drive.]

Sharps ad v3

Sharps Doom Bar Awesome Pack press advert

Sharps ad

Sharps Doom Bar First of Many press advert

Sharps ads v2

Sharps Doom Bar 1st XV press advert

Sharps beer mat
Sharps Tv outddor
Sharps ad 4