The Maynard School

Their Brief

School to help evolve their creative and media campaign for 2012 and beyond. The brief was to celebrate the history & success of the Maynard, whilst ensuring it remained contemporary & relevant to girls in 2012 (it’s an all-girls school!).

Our Solution

Our detailed research, fresh creative and media expertise won the day with the campaign making use of 48 sheet and 6 sheet posters, the sites were selected in high traffic areas for the target audience

The results

The bright, confident creative was well received by pupils, staff and parents and The Maynard School “owned” the streets of Exeter

The Maynard 6 sheet v2

Maynard School 6 sheet

The Maynard 6 sheet

Maynard School 6 sheet

The Myanard School 6 sheet
The Maynard 48-sheet
The Maynard 48 sheet